Shapiro Fountain and Royce Hall

For staff, by staff.

UCLA Staff Assembly is an organization for staff dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of all staff employees. Founded in 1978 and supported by the Office of the Chancellor and Campus Human Resources, Staff Assembly provides a forum where staff employees at all levels can discuss University issues of mutual concern and forward their opinions on policies, procedures and activities related to staff to University Administration.

Staff Assembly provides a two-way communication system to help promote respect and cooperation among staff and other members of the UCLA community. The Assembly recommends staff members to serve on major campus and system-wide committees. Each quarter, Staff Assembly sends two delegates to the system-wide Staff Assembly meeting, called the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies, where they meet with representatives from the Office of the President, Board of Regents members and other key university officials. Staff Assembly not only offers a vehicle through which to stay informed and feel included, but it also offers opportunities for Staff to give back to the university community.

Mission Statement

UCLA Staff Assembly is an organization “for staff, by staff”. Through educational, social, and community programs, we foster staff engagement in support of UCLA’s mission. The benefits include leadership opportunities, networking, personal and professional development, recognition, and campus involvement to name a few. All staff are encouraged to be a part of our community.